My "Quiet Woodworking"  is focused around the love, passion  and enjoyment that I find using hand-tools while woodworking. While power tools have their place, and I still have and use them, my whole "Quiet Woodworking" is based around the use, enjoyment and love of hand tools.  Nothing beats the sound of great (quiet) music while woodworking amd the use of hand tools allows that to be an ongoing part of your day.. The joy of a half thou' shaving curling from a well-tuned plane or  a row of well cut dovetails provides the creator with an unequaled sense of personal satisfaction. My courses are directly aimed at increasing your personal enjoyment/skill and fun with hand tool woodworking. There are exceptions to this and the wooden hinge box course is one such exception where we incorporate routers in the process  but, for the most part, it is all about hand tools. The course schedule will continue to change as my student feedback increases. 
The courses currently offered at  The School of Quiet Woodworking are:

  • Basic hand cut dovetails. Learn to cut a through dovetail in a one day course.
  • Basic hand cut dovetails PLUS is a 2 day course where you will learn to cut a through dovetail on the first day and then build a hand cut dovetailed box on the 2nd day.
  • Advanced hand cut dovetails. A one day course. You must have taken either my one day basic dovetail course or my 2 day basic dovetailing course in order to take this advanced course. Learn to cut; 1/2 blind, london style and hounds tooth dovetails in a single day course.
  • Sharpening plane and chisel blades, one long morning course.
  • Hand-tool Jigs Shooting boards, planninng boards and bench hooks are incredibly useful hand tool jigs. In this one-day course you will make several of these, learn to use them and take them home with you.
  • The wooden hinge box course. This is a one day course and it is the only "really noisey" course that I currently teach. You will learn to make and actually take home a wooden hinge box at the end of the day.
  • Workbenches and Tool storage. A one evening discussion course where we will talk about workbenches and tool storage; type, location, construction, vises, heights, lighting, tool storage, why a tool tray is not only not needed but may compromise your very existence on this planet and other work bench / tool storage related topics.
  • Thursdays till it's done. This will be a specific project done on a series of tuesday evening. The basic concept of the course addresses a point that has always driven me a little crazy. At the end of the time allocated for the course, i'm "almost" finished completing the course project. I then take home the almost completed project and put it somewhere in my shop and never get around to finishing it!  This course will allow you to come back and finish the project if it isn't completed in the time allowed for the course. i.e. if I allow four weeks for the class and it takes you 5 weeks, no worries (and no extra charge)  The first course will be to build a Christopher Schwarz style sawbench. Subsequent courses will include a pair of James Krevov style saw horses and a Duncan Robertson "midi" bench. I am open to requests for specific projects for future course. Send me an email and we'll talk.