Wednesdays Till It's Done

"Wednesdays till it's done". This will be a specific project done on a series of Wednesday evenings. The basic concept of the course addresses a point that has always driven me a little crazy. At the end of the time allocated for the course, i'm "almost" finished completing the course project. I then take home the almost completed project and put it somewhere in my shop and never get around to finishing ti!  This course will allow you to come back and finish the project if it isn't completed in the time allowed for the course. i.e. if I allow four weeks for the class and it takes you 5 weeks, no worries (and no extra charge)  The first course will be to build a Christopher Schartz style sawbench. Subsequent courses will include a pair of James Krevov style saw horses and a Duncan Robertson "midi" bench. I am open to requests for specific projects for future course. Send me an email and we'll talk.